Ring Peephole Cam vs. Ring Video Doorbell 2

Keep an eye out at all times, with a smart doorbell!

These efficient doorbells are quick and easy to set up and offer some great benefits. Such as motion detection, two-way audio, and live view on demand, to name a few.

Both Ring models have a lot in common, even the price! So in the end, you’re simply choosing a smart doorbell that appeals to you more.

Are you looking for something that is easy to remove as you move around a lot? Then (aka Ring Door View Cam) is for you. Yet if you want something a little sturdier, that offers a longer battery life, and more colors to choose from, then take a look at Ring Video Doorbell 2.

So let’s get down to it, and take a look at both options down below.

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Ring Peephole Cam vs. Ring Video Doorbell 2 — Things in Common

Works with Alexa – Both Ring Peephole Cam and Ring 2 are compatible with Alexa. This means that you can allow Alexa to notify you when someone is at your door, as well as see, hear and even talk to visitors with select Echo devices (like Echo Show). How great is that? All you need to say is ‘’Alexa, show me my Door View Cam’’ and you’ll have a clear 1080p display of what is going on outside your door.

Motion Detection – Always be in the know of what is going on. With the motion sensor technology, you can receive alerts via app to your smart device when outside activity is detected. Yet, if you live in a busy neighborhood, there is a chance you’ll get a lot of unnecessary triggers. Which will result in your motion detector sending a stream of false alarms. Luckily with Ring video doorbells, you can adjust the sensitivity of your motion sensors to find the ideal setting you want.

Compatible with Smart Locks – It makes sense to pair your smart doorbell with an equally smart lock for an added sense of security.

And luckily both Ring Peephole Cam and Ring Video 2 are compatible with many high-quality locks. The Ring app can be joined with smart locks such as Schlage, Kevo, and Yale, although Ring Alarm is required.

Two-way Audio – This is a well-liked feature for everyone with a smart doorbell. Both Ring Cam and Ring 2 support the two-way feature, which allows you to listen and talk back to anyone who is on your doorstep. This adds additional security for you and your home, as you won’t have to open your door if you receive a visitor at an unusual hour.

Easy Installation – It’s great when the setup isn’t overly complicated, and that’s the case with Ring Peephole Cam and Ring 2. Both smart doorbells are quick and easy to install, with the tools already provided.

Compatible Networks – Both Ring View Cam and Ring 2 use a 2.4 GHz network to connect to your router. A strong connection is crucial for your smart doorbell, as it needs to pass through walls and longer distances.

It’s a good idea to use a reliable app like WiFi Analyser for Android, or WiFi Sweetspots for iOS to make sure that your connection is strong enough.

Night Vision – Have a clear view even at night time. Using its infrared light, both smart doorbells can capture black & white video in dark locations, for the added security. It can be something as benign as your cat returning home after a late night of prowling, or your teenager sneaking out.

Subscription – Ring also offers some pretty great subscription plans too. You can opt for the Free plan, which includes a 1-year warranty, motion-activated notifications, theft protection, Live-view, and two-way talk, just enough to get you started.

Yet if you decide to upgrade to Protect Basic Plan or even the Protect Plus, you’ll be able to take advantage of even more features, such as video saving and sharing, 60-day video history, and more! And they come at affordable rates of 3 USD per month or 30 USD annually for Protect Basic, and 10 USD per month or 100 USD annually for Protect Plus.

Ring Peephole Cam vs. Ring Video Doorbell 2 — Differences

Ring Peephole Cam

Difference #1: Battery Life & Installation Options – When it comes to battery life, Ring 2 pulls ahead with its 6-month of use with a single charge. While that may sound great, keep in mind that other users may have a different experience. It all depends on the usage, and how often you’re using its features, such as night vision, motion detector, and so on. While Ring View Cam, reportedly only offers 2-3 months of battery life, which is quite short when compared to Ring 2.

Keep in mind, that you can also purchase the Ring Rechargeable Battery Pack, which allows you to quickly replace your battery, and maintain a full charge.

However, Ring 2 can also be installed to an existing mechanical or electronic doorbell that operates at a voltage between 8 volts AC and 24 volts AC. Once connected, you’ll be able to use Ring 2 while still having your previous chime. This also eliminates the need for battery recharge, thus saving you time in the long run.

Difference #2: Live-View on Demand – It’s true that both models offer this feature, but there are some similarities in how they offer it. For example, Ring 2 only offers a live view on demand, if it’s hardwired. So in other words, you won’t be able to enjoy the benefits if your Ring 2 is running purely on battery power. It makes sense as the live on-demand feature requires a lot of battery power, resulting in much shorter battery life.

While Ring Peephole Cam offers the feature regardless. This may even be the reason its expected battery life is much shorter.

So that’s another good reason to look into the Rechargeable Battery Pack.

Difference #3: Design – In terms of appearance, both Ring smart doorbells are quite similar. With the exception of Ring 2 being slightly larger with dimensions of 5.0’’ x 2.5’’ x 1.0’’ vs. 1.85’’ x 3.83’’ x 0.78’’ (outdoor design).In terms of color options, the Ring 2 doorbell includes two interchangeable colored faceplates: Venetian Bronze and Satin Nickel. So you can swap the color of your doorbell as you wish!

Whereas with the Ring Peephole Cam, you’re stuck with just one color. However, it looks like interchangeable faceplates for the Ring Peephole Cam could be coming soon.

Difference #4: Knock Detection – With the knock detection feature, you’ll always know who was at your door, without them needing to ring the doorbell!

During the installation, Ring Peephole Cam replaces the peephole. So In order to make up for it, Ring has specially designed built-in impact sensors. So you’ll never miss a visitor.

Unfortunately, Ring 2 doesn’t have knock detection.

Difference #5: Field of View – Field of view is an important feature to watch out for. As it determines the amount of space your doorbell can record, and what you can see on your device after. While the difference between the two models isn’t huge, with Ring 2 coming out ahead with 160 degrees horizontal, 90 degrees vertical vs. View Cam 155 degrees horizontal, 90 degrees vertical.

Those 5 degrees can make a huge difference in identifying the culprit who smashed your Halloween pumpkin.

Ring Peephole Cam vs. Ring Video Doorbell 2 — Comparison Chart

 Ring Video Doorbell 2
Power OptionsBatteryBattery/Hardwired
Battery Life2-3 months6 months
Field of View Horizontal155 degrees160 degrees
Field of View Vertical90 degrees90 degrees
Video Resolution1080p1080p
Night ViewYesYes
Color Night VisionNoNo
Compatible Networks2.4 GHz2.4 GHz
Motion DetectorAdjustableAdvanced
Knock DetectionYesNo
Live Motion TriggerYesYes
Custom Motion ZonesNoNo
Live View on DemandYesOnly if Wired
Two-way AudioYesYes
Web AppYesYes
DimensionsIndoors: 2.26″ x 4.40″ x 1.16″
Outdoors: 1.85″ x 3.83″ x 0.78″
5.0″ x 2.5″ x 1.0″

Ring Peephole Cam vs. Ring Video Doorbell 2 — Accessories

Ring Chime

Now that we have discussed both models in detail, let’s see what type of accessories they offer.

For Ring 2, you can also include the Ring Chime Pro, for extending your Ring network and amplifying the security alerts. It also claims to boost WiFi for Ring devices as well as providing you with multiple alert signals. Make sure to check our take on Ring Chime vs. Chime Pro for more details.

It’s also worth looking into an Angle Mount or a Side to Side Angle Mount for a more improved outdoor coverage for your Ring Doorbell 2.

Ring Peephole Cam vs. Ring Video Doorbell 2 — Our Thoughts

Ring Doorbell 2

In the end, when it comes to Ring Peephole Cam vs. Ring Video Doorbell 2, the choice depends on your own preferences.

Both smart doorbells offer great technology that will make your home feel more secure.

Luckily, as they both fall in the same price range, and offer a lot of the same features. Both models are great choices. They only differ in terms of battery life (as Ring 2 provides almost a double of what Door Cam offers), overall power options (hardwired/battery-powered vs. battery-powered only), and installation placement. Plus, the offers live video on demand even on battery power and features knock detection.

Also, when it comes to installation, the Door Cam is much more simple and efficient — a sensible choice for renters.

So in the end, you’re really deciding between longer battery life or a more efficient installation process. Either way, we feel that both products will benefit your home.

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