Roborock S5 vs. S6

Keep your floor spotless with a Roborock!

Home cleaning has never been better since the introduction of smart vacuum cleaners. These handy devices don’t just simply sweep, but they come with other useful technology. Such as the carpet boost mode which allows you to get a deeper clean into those difficult to clean rugs, as well as other modes such as Quiet and Balanced.

Additionally, both smart vacuums will also mop your floors too! So you will have two handy devices in one.

Not only that, you can even schedule what rooms you wish to have cleaned, and your smart vacuum with its impressive mapping and SLAM technology will know exactly where to go.

Today we’ll be looking at Roborock S6 vs. S5, and what handy features they have Roborock S6 is the more advanced model, so be sure to check out the new features it will bring to your floors!

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Roborock S5 vs. S6 — Things in Common

  • Vacuums & Mops – Both Roborock S5 and S6 both vacuum as well as mop your floors! Meaning that after going over your home picking up all the dirt, dust and debris, it will use its damp disposable mop pad to go over your floors, this is especially great for hardwood floors as little water is required to keep them spotless.

    This dual functionality is truly what makes Roborock so great.

  • Zone Cleaning – Another great feature of Roborock is the ability for you to set zone cleaning. Meaning that only specific areas will be targeted. Such as the kitchen when you have an accidental spill. You can even set those areas to be cleaned multiple times, once for a standard clean, and even up to three times for a bigger mess.
  • No-Go Zones – Don’t worry if you have some spots you’d like to be left undisturbed. Without needing any physical magnetic strips, you can easily draw no go lines via the app, or even drop invisible walls! So your Roborock won’t get into the area where the pet bowls are stored or any other fragile objects.
  • Recharge & Resume – You can easily allow your Roborock to be left alone when cleaning. Using the recharge & resume technology, it won’t be left stranded after running out of juice. It will simply return to its base, charge up, and pick up from where it had left off. So you can have your smart vacuum running even while you’re at work!
  • Cleaning Modes – Choose from different cleaning modes that suit your floors. The options include Quiet, Balanced, Turbo and Max.

    Quiet mode, like the name suggests, will clean your home efficiently, yet quietly and this method also won’t use a ton of power. This setting is perfect for when you’re not home, or when there isn’t a rush for the floors to be done right away.

    Turbo and Max mode like the name suggests, are ideal for carpets and other more difficult places to clean. Similar to the carpet boost function, your smart vacuum will work hard to suck up all that dirt and hair, a perfect option for those of you who have pets at home.

  • Suction Power – Both smart vacuums have an impressive suction power of 2000Pa. This feature is pretty important as it ensures that all the dirt, dust and hair will be picked up from the floors, without needing the Roborock to go over multiple times.
  • Mapping – Your new smart vacuum is clever enough to effectively create a map of your home, thus knowing its layout and offering a much more efficient clean.

    Plus, when paired with its intelligent route planning system and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) algorithm, it will always clean in the most effective pattern, as opposed to randomly and missing spots.

  • Run Time – Having a sufficient run time is a crucial feature for your smart vacuum. Even though we already know that it has a recharge and resume function, having a longer run time will ensure that the job is completed much quicker.

    Luckily, both Roborock S5 and S6 have an impressive run time ranging from 150-to 180 minutes.

  • Cliff Sensor – Worried about your Roborock tumbling down the stairs? Well with the cliff sensor technology, you won’t have to!

    This will ensure that your smart vacuum will avoid dangerous falls, giving you peace of mind.

  • Voice Control – Why not add voice control too? Both Roborock S5 and S6 can be integrated with both Amazon Alexa, as well as Google Assistant. So with the aid of the Mi Home app and a smart speaker such as Echo Show, Echo Spot, and Google Home, you can seamlessly turn your smart vacuum on and off from wherever you are in your home.
  • App Control – You can install the Mi Home app on both iOS and Android devices.

    Through which you can then effectively operate your new smart vacuum, set cleaning tasks, and even access the “care” screen, which shows you the status of main brush, filters, and more.

  • Network – Both Roborock S5 and S6 support a WiFi connection of 2.4GHz, so be sure to double-check your network before setting your new vacuum to ensure that it’s powerful enough.

Roborock S5 vs. S6 — Differences

Roborock S6

  • Difference #1: Navigation – While we already discussed the impressive navigation technology of both smart vacuums, we should also mention that Roborock S6 provides an even faster clean by 20% when compared to Roborock S5.

    As it’s SLAM navigation has been improved, so you can take advantage of clean floors and vacuum carpets in a shorter amount of time.

  • Difference #2: Room Recognition – Another way in which Roborock S6 differs, is with its room recognition feature.

    This function allows the S6 to recognize each room, which means that you can set your smart vacuum to clean specific rooms as opposed to the whole house, such as the kitchen or bathroom, or even multiple areas. This handy function saves you a lot of time, as well as energy too.

    Roborock S6 also comes with the scheduling feature, so that means you can organize specific areas or rooms to be cleaned at set times. For example, you can have your whole house freshly vacuumed and mopped before you arrive home from work! How great is that?

  • Difference #3: Noise Level – A noisy vacuum can be annoying, especially during your kid’s naptime.

    Luckily, Roborock S8 boasts a 50% quieter clean that Roborock S5! Meaning that you can enjoy a good clean, without the acoustics.

Roborock S5 vs. S6 — Comparison Chart

Roborock S5 Roborock S6
Vacuums Yes Yes
Mops Yes Yes
Navigation Yes (LDS + SLAM) Yes (LDS + SLAM, improved,
~20% faster cleaning)
Zone Cleaning Yes Yes
No-Go Zones Yes Yes
Recharge & Resume Yes Yes
Carpet Boost Yes Yes
Suction Power 2000Pa 2000Pa
Room Recognition No Apartment layout
& running route
Mapping Yes Yes
Scheduling No Yes
WiFi Yes Yes
Cleaning Modes Quiet, Balanced,
Turbo and Max
Quiet, Balanced,
Turbo and Max
Run Time 150 min 150-180 minutes
Cliff Sensor Yes Yes
Noise Level 54-67 dB 45-60 dB
Voice Control Alexa & Google Assistant Alexa & Google Assistant
Dimensions 13.8 x 13.7 x 3.8 in. 13.8 x 13.7 x 3.8 in.
Color Black/ White/
Rose Gold
Black/ White/
Rose Gold
WiFi 2.4GHz 2.4GHz

Roborock S5 vs. S6 — Accessories

Roborock S6

Now that we have gone over both smart vacuums, let’s check out some of the accessories you can include too.

Keep in mind that your new Roborock’s filters can be subject to wear and tear. Even though they are washable it’s not a bad idea to keep a stack of HEPA filters as spares.

These filters are fantastic for trapping allergens, and fine dust, so it’s pretty important that they stay in good condition.

Also, don’t forget the Robotic Vacuum Microfiber Mopping Cloth. These can be replaced as often as you like and can be bought in bulk.

If you prefer the idea of having physical magnetic strips to mark off any high-risk zones, be sure to check them out too.

Roborock S5 vs. S6 — Our Thoughts

Roborock S6

In the end, when we are looking at Roborock S5 vs. S6, we can see that there are quite a few similarities between the two models.

They both offer a great clean with a powerful suction of 2000Pa. They also provide cleaning modes to suit almost all types of floors and carpets, and they can also be integrated with smart voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

However, the main difference between the two lies in S6’s room recognition feature which can come in very handy when wanting to target specific areas. Not only that, but it also boasts a 20% faster-cleaning rate, as well as lower noise levels, making Roborock S6 the better model out of the two.

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