SimCam 1S vs. Arlo Pro 2

Keep your loved ones close with a smart camera!

Adding a smart camera in your home allows you to not only see your loved ones but communicate with them as well via the two-way audio technology.

Additionally, you can also catch suspicious activity through the motion detection sensors, enable night vision, and more!

Today we’ll be looking at SimCam 1S and Arlo Pro 2 smart cameras, and the differences between the two. Surprisingly, we were impressed with the lesser-known SimCam’s capabilities especially when considering its budget-friendly price, so read on to see more about what each camera can offer.

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Arlo VMS4230P-100NAS Pro 2 - Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren, Rechargeable, Night Vision, Indoor/Outdoor, 1080p, 2-Way Audio, Wall Mount, Cloud Storage Included, 2 Camera Kit

SimCam 1S vs. Arlo Pro 2 — Things in Common

Live-View on Demand – View both the inside as well as outside of your home in clear 1080p HD quality. So now you can clearly see the postman arrive or even catch a potential intruder in the act! Both smart cameras come with live-view on-demand technology.

Two-Way Audio – Yell at your dog to get off the couch, or direct your postman on where to leave your newest package with the two-way audio technology. Both SimCam 1S and Arlo Pro 2 allow you to effectively communicate with anyone from anywhere, via the app on your iOS or Android smart device.

Motion Detection – Catch the package thief in the act with the motion detection technology! This function allows your smart camera send alerts to your smartphone whenever any suspicious activity is detected both inside or outside your home.

While both smart cameras have this feature, SimCam 1S is definitely more advanced in this field which we will talk more about in the differences section.

However, it’s worth to note that this feature will only be available to Arlo Pro 2 when its plugged in and used indoors.

Motion Zones – Both Arlo Pro 2 and SimCam 1S also allow you to set motion activity zones, allowing you to pay specific attention to certain areas.

Though the way they do it is slightly different.

Arlo Pro 2 allows you to set up up to 3 different activity zones via the Arlo app so you’ll receive notifications whenever motion is detected within.

While SimCam allows you to frame certain areas within its live feed interface to keep a closer eye on, such as the staircase or the front door, additionally there are no limits as to how many areas you can monitor with this smart camera.

Smart Home Integration – Smart home integration can make your life a lot easier, and fun too!

Both SimCam 1S and Arlo Pro 2 integrate with Alexa and Google assistant in order to take advantage of the voice control feature, so you can operate your smart camera without having to lift your finger!

While IFTTT, which stands for “if this, then that” is a free web-based service that creates chains of simple commands called applets.

So you can easily do things like sending yourself an email when SimCam detects a person, or add an iOS reminder when Arlo reports a low battery level.

Weatherproof – You can easily set up both of the smart cameras outdoors as well as indoors since they can handle temperatures ranging from -4° to 122° F.

However, it’s worth to keep in mind that if you decide to power your Arlo using an AC cord, it won’t be proofed against some elements such as rain or snow, since it plugs into the camera’s USB port.

In which case it wouldn’t be a bad idea to include protective skin, or even take a look at other Arlo models such as Arlo Pro 3 or Ultra which uses a much more protective base.

The SimCam 1S, on the other hand, has a very tight power plug on the camera that ensures a tight seal.

SimCam 1S vs. Arlo Pro 2 — Differences

Arlo Pro 2 - Extras - 03

Difference #1: Power Options – In terms of power options, Arlo Pro 2 is more flexible with the dual option of being powered by an AC cord or run solely on rechargeable batteries.

Both alternatives have their benefits, for example going wireless eliminates the need for any cables, and ensures footage is still being recorded even during a power outage. While being connected to a continuous power supply eliminates the need to spend extra on batteries, and also ensures your smart camera doesn’t run out of power while you’re away on a holiday.

SimCam 1S only can be powered by a power cable.

Difference #2: Sound Detection – Another way in which Arlo Pro 2 has an edge when compared to SimCam 1S is with its sound detection technology. This allows you to not only get alerted by motions but sounds too, such as the smoke alarm or even the baby crying for an added peace of mind.

Difference #3: Field of View & Pan – In terms of field of view, SimCam 1S definitely has the advantage with its 360-degree pan, when including a gimbal stabilizer. This allows you to have a clear view of any room you have your smart camera in without the need of setting up multiple cams.

While Arlo Pro 2 is limited to it’s 130° diagonal field of view.

However, without the stand SimCam has a much lesser field of view of 100°.

Difference #4: Night Vision – Being able to see just as clearly during the night as you would during the day, is a pretty impressive feature to have! And this is where SimCam 1S comes in with its Starlight night vision capabilities which allow you to see clearly the details of a person’s face, even in total darkness.

While Arlo Pro 2 offers a standard night vision, you do have the option of adding an Arlo Security Light, which will help the camera illuminate its surroundings during the late hours.

Difference #5: Person & Object Detection – This is where SimCam really impresses us, by being able to track both people as well as objects, allowing you to receive alerts that truly matter.

This feature can identify a person you are looking for, or simply track them using its 360° pan in motion.

Additionally, you can also track an object by creating a frame around it on your SimCam app interface, and you’ll be notified whenever it’s moved. So that way you’ll know who took the last cookie from the jar!

While Arlo Pro 2 does have the person detection feature, you’ll need to opt for a subscription plan in order to take advantage of it.

Difference #6: Face Recognition – The facial recognition software which is only available to SimCam 1S allows it to recognize different faces by requiring you to take several snapshots of your, and whoever else you wish, which are then saved for future reference.

This allows you to see the comings and goings of your family and friends, and also to receive specific notifications if and when someone you don’t know appears within the shot.

Difference #7: Network – While both smart cameras connect to a 2.4GHz network, SimCam 1S is also compatible with a 5GHz connection, which offers a more reliable connection speed over an extended range, while 2.4GHz does offer coverage for farther distances, but it may perform at a slower speed.

Difference #8: Subscription & Storage – With SimCam 1S smart camera, you won’t need to opt for any subscription plans in order to take advantage of its features as well as storage.

All the motion logs and videos are saved directly to its local encrypted micro SD card which can handle up to 128GB worth of storage! This also enables you to use the 24/7 recording function, perfect for when you are away on a holiday or simply for an extra added sense of security.

When it comes to Arlo Pro 2, you’ll still be able to take advantage of its 7-day free cloud storage which can be enough for most users, as well as local storage via a USB drive local backup option.

However, for additional features such as AI detection, e911 Emergency Call Service and even up to 60-days worth of cloud storage you’ll need to opt for one of the three Arlo Smart plans which offer their own unique benefits. The prices range from $2.99 monthly, all the way to $14.99 per month.

Difference #9: Design – Both SimCam 1S and Arlo Pro 2 have a similar rounded design that gives them a smooth and aesthetic appearance. Yet in terms of dimensions, SimCam is a little larger with its measurements of 4.7” x 2.8” x2.8” when compared to Arlo’s 3.1” x 1.9” x 2.8” making it slightly more compact and discreet.

Arlo VMS4230P-100NAS Pro 2 - Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren, Rechargeable, Night Vision, Indoor/Outdoor, 1080p, 2-Way Audio, Wall Mount, Cloud Storage Included, 2 Camera Kit

SimCam 1S vs. Arlo Pro 2 — Comparison Chart

  SimCam 1S Arlo Pro 2
Resolution 1080p 1080p 
Power Options AC AC/Rechargeable
Two-Way Audio Yes Yes
Sound Detection No Yes
Pet Detection YesNo
Geo-fencing YesNo
Live-View on Demand Yes Yes
Field of View 100°+360° Pan 130°
Night Vision  Yes/ Starlight Yes
Motion Detection Yes Yes
Person Detection Yes With Subscription
Face Recognition Yes No
Hub Required No Yes
Motion Zones Yes Yes
Object Detection Yes No
Custom Notifications Yes Yes
Storage Local Local via base
station & Cloud
24/7 Recording Yes No
Smart Home Integration Amazon Alexa /
Google Assistant /
Amazon Alexa /
Google Assistant /
Network 2.4G & 5G 2.4G 
Subscription No Yes
Operating Temperature -4° to 122° F -4° to 113° F
Dimensions 4.7” x 2.8” x 2.8” 3.1” x 1.9” x 2.8”

SimCam 1S vs. Arlo Pro 2 — Accessories

Arlo Pro 2 - Accessories - Solar Panel

Now that we have covered the difference between SimCam 1S and Arlo Pro 2, let’s check out some of the accessories that they offer!

If you decide to keep your Arlo Pro 2 wireless, it’s definitely not a bad idea to include a Rechargeable Battery for Pro and Pro 2 to ensure you’ll always have a spare at hand.

Additionally, you also have the option of powering your Arlo Pro 2 via a Solar Panel, which can significantly cut down on energy costs.

SimCam 1S vs. Arlo Pro 2 — Our Thoughts


Both SimCam 1S and Arlo Pro 2 provide us with some pretty impressive features that will unquestionably enhance your home security.

However, without a doubt, we feel that SimCam gives us a whole lot more for its competitive price, and advanced features such as face & object recognition, 360° pan, enhanced night vision and more, without the need to opt for any expensive subscription plans!

So in the end, we feel that SimCam 1S is definitely the more superior smart camera when compared to Arlo Pro 2.

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