Sonos Play:1 vs. One SL

Enhance your home theatre experience with a Sonos Smart Speaker!

Sonos Smart speakers not only produce exceptional sound quality, but come with other useful features such as an adjustable bass & treble, one-app control, integration with Apple airplay 2, Trueplay, and more.

Both models also support over 50 different streaming platforms, so you can find any track you’re searching for, as well as enjoy access to hundreds of audiobooks, news stations, and podcasts to entertain yourself.

While both smart speakers are similar to each other in a lot of ways, there are a few subtle differences, especially when it comes down to choosing between One SL which is microphone free, and Sonos Play:1 that is compatible with Alexa voice commands if you already own an Alexa enabled device such as Echo Show 8 or Spot.

So, read on to see which suits you best!

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Sonos Play:1 vs. One SL — Differences

Sonos One-SL-extra-2

Difference #1: Apple Airplay 2 – Sonos One SL includes Apple Airplay 2, which allows you to send any sound or tack from your iOS device, directly to your Sonos Smart Speaker! So you can enjoy listening to Youtube videos, Netflix movies or soundtracks with ease and minimal hassle!

Unfortunately, Sonos Play:1 doesn’t support this feature.

Difference #2: On-device Control – Another difference lies in the fact that Sonos Play 1 includes physical buttons on the top of the speaker, while One SL has touch-sensitive controls.

Difference #3: Threaded Mount – Your Sonos Play 1 can also be mounted on the wall as it includes a threaded mount.

This can add a modern touch to your home decor, and can even improve the sound quality too!

All you need is a suitable mounting bracket and choose a location that’s close to an electric outlet taking care to avoid dripping water, heat or steam.

This option is only available to Sonos Play:1.

Difference #4: Design – Both Sonos Play 1 and One SL are identical in their dimensions, as both are compact and can be easily placed around your home.

In terms of color, both come in a dark and light tone the only difference being that Play 1 has a light metallic and a graphite grille finish, while Sonos SL comes in a simple white or black grille.

In the end, both smart speakers are chic in their appearance and can add an aesthetic feel to any room.

Sonos Play:1 vs. One SL — Comparison Chart

  Sonos Play:1 One SL
Audio Two Class-D digital amplifiers,
One tweeter &
One mid-woofer
Two Class-D digital amplifiers,
One tweeter &
One mid-woofer
Adjustable Bass & Treble Yes Yes
Mono Output Yes Yes
Stereo Output Only when paired with
other speakers
Only when paired with
other speakers
Power Auto-switching 100-240 V,
50-60 Hz AC universal input
Auto-switching 100-240 V,
50-60 Hz AC universal input
Network 2.4GHz WiFi &
2.4GHz WiFi &
Threaded Mount Yes N/A
Humidity Resistant Yes Yes
Apple Airplay 2 N/A Yes
Voice Control over Amazon Alexa Yes Yes
Google Assistant N/A N/A
On-Device Control Button Touch
Trueplay Yes Yes
One App Control Yes Yes
Size 6.36” x 4.69” x 4.69” 6.36” x 4.69” x 4.69”
Color White w/ light metallic grille;
Black w/ graphite grille
White w/ white matte grille;
Black with w/ black matte grille

Sonos Play:1 vs. One SL — Things in Common

Sonos Play:1 in a Room

Audio Quality – Both Sonos Play 1 and One SL come with an exceptional audio quality that allows you to fully experience your favorite song or have a true cinematic experience.

The 2 class D-digital amplifiers work to produce a clear sound that matches the speaker drivers, while the single tweeter and woofer generate a crisp and deep, rich sound that will enhance any track you choose.

5.1 Surround Sound System – Pair up your Sonos SL with another SL or a Sonos One for a 5.1 surround system that will make your movie nights even more dramatic! You can also do the same with Play 1 by pairing it up another Play 1 to create a stereo pair.

Since both smart speakers produce a mono output, you’ll need to pair them up with the same kind of speaker in order to achieve the desired stereo output.

Additionally, you can use the pair as a rear home theater surround system, especially when used with PlayBase, Beam, or Playbar.

Adjustable Bass & Treble – You can even adjust the bass & treble controls to create the perfect sound in each room you have a smart speaker in.

Both smart speakers include the adjustable bass & treble so you can enjoy your favorite song the way it was meant to be.

Connectivity – Both smart speakers connect to an 802.11b/g 2.4GHz WiFi network, or if you prefer, you can even connect your speakers directly to your router via an Ethernet cable too.

If you decide to set up via your WiFi network, you’ll need to ensure that your connection is strong enough for it.

Otherwise, you can check out other WiFi extenders such as the Sonos Boost.

Humidity Resistance – Setup your Sonos Smart Speaker near your pool for an unforgettable pool party or even have it in the bathroom while you belt out your favorite tunes in the shower! As both Sonos Play 1 and One SL are designed to be humidity resistant.

However, please keep in mind that it doesn’t mean that they are water-resistant, so please make sure to keep them away from coming in contact with water.

Compatibility with Alexa – Alexa voice commands come in very handy when you wish to have hands-free control over your smart devices!

Using simple voice commands you can easily turn your lights blue (if you have smart lights such as Philips Hue or LIFX) order a pizza, control your thermostat, and more.

While neither smart device includes an in-built Alexa voice assistant like Sonos One, Sonos Play and One SL are compatible with Alexa if you already own an Alexa device such as Amazon Echo Show or Spot.

Both Sonos One SL and Play:1 are completely microphone free and is a good option for those of you who seek more privacy.

Trueplay – For iOS device owners, you have the option of setting up Trueplay, which is a type of speaker tuning software.

This will aid you to get the best sound quality out of your smart speakers based on the size of your surroundings, furniture, decor and even speaker placement!

It does this by analyzing the acoustic factors which normally impact the sound quality, ensuring that your Sonos speakers can fill all the room with high-quality sound.

App Control – Via the Sonos app, you have the ability to operate your smart speaker with a tap of the button to stream music from over 50 different sources, as well as listen to audiobooks and your favorite podcasts from any room in your home.

Sonos Play:1 vs. One SL — Accessories

Sonos One SL

With a Sonos Stand, you can easily have your smart speakers set up at their optimal height for listening.

This can even enhance your movie night experience when placed on both sides of your Tv, or can simply add a modern touch to the living room.

Additionally, you can also include a Sonos Shelf, which is a space saver for when you’re unsure about where to set up your new speaker. It comes in a white or black tone that matches your Sonos speaker, thus creating an aesthetically pleasing accessory for any room.

And lastly, you can also check out the , which has been created to turn your dumb devices into smart ones, with a single plug!

This can go with your Sonos Play 1 or One SL if you decide to pair it up with Alexa, creating an optimal smart home ecosystem.

Sonos Play:1 vs. One SL — Our Thoughts

Sonos PLAY:1

In the end when it comes to choosing between Sonos Play: 1 vs. One SL, it really depends on what you’re looking for.

If you wish to own a simple, yet powerful and functional smart speaker which respects your privacy, then One SL is a good choice to go for. It produces a clear sound quality, comes with full app control and supports over 50 different music streaming platforms like Play:1.

While Sonos Play:1 is a great choice too, however, it’s an older version compared to One SL, thus you can forget about Apple AirPlay. So, if AirPlay compatibility is definitely something you’re looking for, then you should focus your attention on One SL instead.

Additionally, if you wish to own a smart speaker which includes an in-built Alexa, then you could take a look at Sonos One which is also compatible with Google Assistant as well.

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