WeMo Crock Pot Slow Cooker Review

Today, in this WeMo Crock Pot slow cooker review we’ll go over the good and the bad aspects that you should know before buying it. Check out our briefly summarized points before making a purchase. Let’s begin.

What is WeMo Crock Pot Slow Cooker?

The WeMo Crock Pot slow cooker is a normal slow cooker but with a smart feature — it is WeMo enabled. And that’s exactly what makes it so smart. You can conveniently adjust cook settings from anywhere you are. All you need is the free WeMo App and an Internet connection. Add flexibility to your dinner schedule with the WeMo Crock Pot slow cooker. Turn on the slow cooker remotely and enjoy warm dinner by the time you come home.

What’s needed to get started with WeMo Crock Pot Slow Cooker?

  • Apple Smart device with iOS 7 or higher
    or Android smart device using 4.0 or higher;
  • Wi-Fi router and internet connection;

WeMo Crock Pot slow cooker

The good about WeMo Crock Pot Slow Cooker:

  • Remote control: thanks to WeMo enabled technology, you can control your slow cooker from anywhere you are. Using the free WeMo App on your smart device you can adjust cooking time and temperature, switch between the modes or turn the cooker off completely. Check the status of your meal at any moment. Running late? Not a problem. Simply adjust the cooking time from your smart device to fit your schedule. Also, whenever the meal is cooked, you’ll get a notification.
  • Cooking Controls: you can control this smart slow cooker with or without the App. Basically, you will use the App only to control the slow cooker remotely.
  • Easy to Clean: once the slow cooker is cooled, you can clean it up easily. Just use a damp cloth to wipe down the heating base’s exterior. And you can place the removable stoneware and glass lid in the dishwasher.
  • Roomy 6-Quart Capacity: this slow cooker is an ideal solution for families or parties of seven or more. In the oval shape of this pot you can fit roasts and large cuts of meat. Cover it with the glass lid to trap in heat and moisture.
  • Handy Cord Storage: compact storage is ensured by an integrated cord wrap.
  • Design: the slow cooker comes in a nice polished stainless steel finish which can match great with any kitchen decor.

WeMo Crock Pot slow cooker

The bad about WeMo Crock Pot Slow Cooker:

  • Capacity: the Crock Pot slow cooker comes with only 6-quart capacity. That would be great if other sizes were available. Let’s say you have a really big party, then an 8-quart capacity slow cooker would be handy. Also, if you cook for yourself and like to enjoy new meals every day, then 6-quart slow cooker might be a little bit too big for your purposes.
  • Wi-Fi Connection: before buying the Crock Pot slow cooker make sure you router reaches the kitchen. The slow cooker uses your router or your neighbors’ router to connect to Wi-Fi. If the slow cooker is not connected to Wi-Fi, you won’t be able to control it via the WeMo App.
  • Wi-Fi Issues: sometimes the WeMo Crock Pot slow cooker can’t connect to Wi-Fi. In this case just call support. We’ve heard they are pretty friendly.
  • App Use: let’s say you’re somewhere out and about and want to come back home and have a freshly-cooked dinner waiting for you. You are reaching for your phone to turn on your smart slow cooker and guess what.. your phone is dead. This is the point when you can get upset. The lesson: if you don’t want to end up being hungry using smart slow cooker, just keep your phone charged.
  • Internet Connection: remember that in order to control your smart slow cooker remotely, you will need an internet connection. It can be frustrating when you have a charged phone in your hand and food sitting in the slow cooker, but no internet connection to turn on the slow cooker remotely. The lesson: stay connected if you want to use the WeMo Crock Pot slow cooker.
  • Crock Pot Magic Food Option: is not available. If you forgot to put food in your slow cooker before leaving, the miracle won’t happen and you’ll come back to an empty pot. Also, if what you’ve cooked in the WeMo Crock Pot slow cooker turned out to be disgusting, the Crock Pot company will not refund the food cost. However, what you can do is check out these delicious crock pot slow cooker recipes to enhance your cooking skills.
  • Power Outage: even if you plug the slow cooker in, it does not mean everything will go smoothly from that point. If there is a power outage at your home, the slow cooker won’t work. At this point you might want to check a power generator for your home. Even when everyone in your neighborhood will have power outage, you will be the only one with electricity. The only problem with that is envious neighbours.
  • Sharing a Smart Slow Cooker: if you’re not the only one at your home using the WeMo Crock Pot slow cooker, you’ll need to coordinate cooking with people you share the slow cooker with. It might be a little bit annoying.

WeMo Crock Pot slow cooker

The bottom line before buying WeMo Crock Pot Slow Cooker:

Almost every person with a slow cooker must have dreamt about remote control for their slow cooker. And the WeMo Crock Pot slow cooker is a bright example of dreams come true. Start cooking your dinner when you are still out. No need to set a timer and calculate time. Simply use the WeMo App on your phone to control your smart slow cooker from anywhere you are. Comfortable in use with delicious results, WeMo Crock Pot slow cooker is just a click away.

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4 thoughts on “WeMo Crock Pot Slow Cooker Review”

  1. We have one that worked great. Then when we got a new phone, the crock pot won’t link back up. We tried to no avail. A call to Customer Service netted a frustrated rep that vowed to return the call, never heard back from her.
    Unsure what to do with this thing.

    • Hey Karen! We’d suggest contacting the support again, there must be an easy fix. Meanwhile, you can use your Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker without the app by choosing the temperature and powering it on/off directly on the unit.

      – Iryna

    • Hi Sarah!
      Even though some slow cookers come with a delayed timer functionality, we do not recommend using it.
      The food can start breeding nasties while it’s sitting in the pot for several hours before beginning to cook.
      So, yeah, definitely not a good idea.


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