Smart Products for Outside Your Home

Today, we’ll talk about smart products for outside your home. Every day more and more people are looking for solutions that would make their homes smart. A lot of companies are developing new technologies that allow you to have access to your home 24/7 even when you’re not at home. Almost any aspect of your home can be made smart. Replace your home appliances with smart products and enjoy peace of mind controlling your home from your smartphone.

Smart outdoor lighting

Osram Outdoor Lighting

Tired of coming home to a dark house? Not a problem as long as you have smart lighting outside your house. Illuminate your home’s entryway for better safety or add some playful color to your backyard garden with smart outdoor lighting. You can control your entire lighting system with the help of one app on your smartphone from anywhere you are.

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MyQ smart garage door openers

Garage Door Opener

The concept of smart garage door opener implies that you don’t have to be at home to open or close your garage. With this small smart device you can control access to your garage remotely via your smartphone. Every time someone enters your garage you will get a notification about it. One of the most convenient things is that you can simply check if you left your garage open and lock it immediately. No wiring is required. You can set up the smart controller in minutes.

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Smart sprinkler controller

smart sprinkler control

Control your sprinkler system remotely from almost anywhere you are directly from your smartphone. All you need is an App and a Wi-Fi connection. Set custom, automatic watering schedules and check for real-time weather data for more efficient use. Plus, get daily water reports that will show you the amount of water that’s being used and saved. The smart sprinkler control can be easily integrated with your existing Nest, Control4, IFTTT, Wink, or any other home automation system. With smart sprinkler control your lawn will always look nice and green.
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Network range extenders

eero - Extra - 02

High-speed Wi-Fi connection is crucial when it comes to using smart products for outside your home. Sometimes a home router is not able to cover your garage or your entire yard. With network range extender you can reduce dead zones throughout your home and always stay connected. Control of your outdoor lighting, smart garage door openers, and outdoor security cameras with ease!

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