Maximus vs. Kuna Light

The Maximus and Kuna Light are two cameras that both function off of the Kuna app and Kuna Cloud. Although these two models work on the same platform and are owned by the same company, we do feel that the Maximus Floodlight has the edge with slightly better features overall.

The Maximus Smart Security Light is a brand that works to bring Kuna technology to a broader line of products and a bigger audience. Since the cloud and the app are shared between the Maximus and Kuna Lights there are a lot of features that they share as a baseline. From a technology standpoint, however, the Maximus camera just seems a step ahead at every turn.

Below we compare the Maximus vs. Kuna Lights in order to give you a clear picture of their similarities and differences. Read on for the full overview, or use our navigation bar to jump directly to the aspects you care about most.

Maximus vs. Kuna Lights — Differences

  • Difference #1: Video Quality – One of the most notable differences when comparing the Kuna vs. Maximus is the video quality. While the Kuna has a 720p resolution, the Maximus will give a much better picture with 1080p HD capabilities.

    Both cameras record at 15 FPS, and record footage with the H.265 video format that compresses the stream to reduce the strain on your network.

  • Difference #2: Field of View – Another area where the Maximus pulls ahead is in the field of view, with a 155° diagonal vs. 116° diagonal range. The viewing angle with both cameras is manually adjustable up to 40 degrees left and right or up and down, but you’re still never going to get the same amount of coverage with the Kuna Light as you would with the Maximus.

  • Difference #3: Motion Detection – While both cameras feature motion detection, the Maximus Floodlight has a much longer range with the ability to detect objects within 70 feet. The Kuna, on the other hand, will only detect motion up to 10 feet away. You’ll get far more notice of suspicious activity with the Maximus, which can give you the peace of mind that your home is more comprehensively protected.

  • Difference #4: Internet Connection – The Maximus Floodlight is a dual-band device, while the Kuna light is only a single band camera. What this means is that the Maximus model will communicate over the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands — spreading out data transmission in order to put far less strain on your network than the Kuna with its single 2.4GHz band.

    Despite their differences, both cameras work with 802.11b/g/n WiFi with WEP, WPA, and WPA2 supported. With that said, the company highly recommends having WPA2.

  • Difference #5: LED Lights – Since these two cameras use traditional LEDs rather than infrared lights in order to monitor activity in the dark, the strength and capabilities of the lighting are especially important.

    The Maximus has a light built in, with 2400 lumens brightness and 5000K color temperature. The light is motion activated, and you can turn it on/off using the Kuna app, Alexa, or Google Assistant. The camera also includes settings that allow you to set the lights to turn on and off according to your schedule, automatically at dawn and dusk, or with simple motion activation.

    The Kuna Light, on the other hand, requires that you purchase the light separately. It’s compatible with any LED, CFL, or incandescent bulb up to 100W. The brightness of the light is going to depend on the bulb you choose while it is pre-determined with the Maximus.

    Just like the Maximus, you have the ability to adjust the way that the bulb will activate and control it through the app, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

    You can achieve similar results with both cameras depending on the bulb you buy, but it’s definitely more convenient to have the bulb built into Maximus rather than having to purchase the lighting separately.

  • Difference #6: Operating Temperature – There are some pretty significant differences in the operating temperature of the two cameras. The Maximus camera operates in a range of 4F (-20C) to 122F (50C), while the Kuna Light is much more impressive with a range of -40F (-40C) to 131F (55C).

    In addition, the Kuna model also has an IP43 rating, which means it is more durable and resistant to the elements when compared to the Maximus.

    Both cameras will work just fine in moderate climates, but the Kuna pulls far ahead if you live in a more extreme environment.

  • Difference #7: Size & Color – Lastly, there are some differences in the color and size when comparing the two cameras.

    The Maximus Floodlight is white and black and has dimensions of 10.78 (W) x 8.02 (H).

    The Kuna Light is black and bronze, and the size is going to depend on the model you choose. The four different options are the Craftsman (11 x 8.5 x 6 in), Traditional (13 x 9 x 6.5 in), Contemporary (11 x 8 x 5 in), and Coach (17.1 x 8.8 x 7.8 in).

Maximus vs. Kuna Lights — Comparison Chart

Maximus Floodlight Maximus Kuna Light
Video resolution 1080p 720p
Frames per Second 15FPS 15FPS
Video Format H.264 H.264
On-Demand Live View Yes Yes
Record Live View Yes Yes
Field of View 155° diagonal 116° diagonal
Zoom Yes Yes
Power 100–277V, 50/60 Hz
Max: 90–277V, 50/60 Hz
100 VAC – 240 VAC
(US & Canada ONLY)
Optional Power Source No No
Battery Life No No
Two-Way Audio Yes Yes
Motion Detection Yes Yes
Motion Zones Yes, with Subscription Yes, with Subscription
Person Detection Yes, with Subscription Yes, with Subscription
Facial Recognition No No
Sound Detection Yes Yes
Night Vision Full Color Full Color
Internet Connection WiFi: 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi: 2.4GHz only
Requires a Base Station No No
Siren 115+ decibel 115+ decibel
24/7 Recording No No
3-second Look Back Yes, 10 Yes, 10
Pre-Recorded Messages Yes Yes
Automated Greetings Yes Yes
Local Backup Storage No No
Cloud Storage 2-Hour Event Look Back
2-Hour Event Look Back
Review, Share, & Save 3 Downloads per Month Free
3 Downloads per Month Free
e911 Emergency Call Yes Yes
Instant App Alerts Yes Yes
App Support Android, iOS Android, iOS
Rich Notifications Yes Yes
Weather-resistant Yes Yes
LED Lights 2400 Lm.;
5000K daylight color
Compatible with any
LED, CFL, or incandescent
bulb up to 100W
Amazon Alexa Yes Yes
Google Assistant Yes Yes
Google Home Hub
Stringify No No
Operating Temperature -4°F – 122°F
-20°C – 50°C
-40°F – 131°F
-40°C – 55°C
Dimension 10.78 (W) x 8.02 (H) Craftsman (11×8.5×6 in)
Traditional (13x9x6.5 in)
Contemporary (11x8x5 in)
Coach (17.1×8.8×7.8 in)
Color White/Black Black/Bronze

Maximus vs. Kuna Lights — Things in Common

Kuna Light

  • Live View – Like most smart cameras, the Maximus Floodlight and Kuna Light give you the ability to check in and record an on-demand live view through the Kuna app whenever you please.

  • Zoom – Keep an eye on details in the distance with a zoom feature included with both brands.

  • Two-Way Audio – Audio capabilities are an important part of any smart camera since they help give you the full picture alongside the standard video footage. Two-Way Audio support on both the Maximus and Kuna Lights offer you the ability to listen in on activity around your home, as well as the ability to speak directly through the camera to guest or intruders. It’s a great feature to have on hand for scaring off intruders or thieves.

  • Motion Zones & Person Detection – Although the features require a subscription, both cameras offer access to Motion Zones and Person Detection.

    The Kuna AI present with Maximus Floodlight and Kuna Light is able to tell the difference between human beings and other forms of motions and is a key part of the camera’s ability to provide quality home security. The Smart detection feature can distinguish between people and cars, and also give you a count of how many are in view.

  • Night Vision – A lot of cameras use infrared night vision for a clear picture even when the sun goes down. However, infrared by nature will only record in black and white rather than providing a color picture.

    The Maximus and Kuna Light use a bulb to illuminate the area and capture full-color video — day or night.

    There are both advantages and disadvantages to this type of night vision. While the full-color footage is nice, using standard illumination rather than infrared can sometimes provide a little less reliability overall.

  • Siren – Detecting the presence of an intruder is important, but warning your family and scaring criminals away is critical as well. Fortunately, the Maximus and Kuna Light both include a 115+ decibel siren that will make you well aware of danger, with a sound that is louder than the average motorcycle.

    The siren is a nice touch and allows the camera to function as a complete security system on its own. However, we would still recommend a quality security system like the abode or Ring Alarm to add that extra level of protection to your home.

  • Cloud Storage & Subscription – The Maximus Floodlight and Kuna Light offer some basic access to cloud storage free of charge. Without a subscription, you’ll have the ability to view activity for the last 2 hours and download up to 3 videos per month.

    The subscription plan, known as Kuna Premium, is available in three different tiers: Essential Security, Peace of Mind, and Absolute Control. All plans are available with a 14-day free trial, after which you’ll be billed either annually or monthly.

    All three plans include unlimited downloads, theft protection, and Kuna AI that enables motion zones and person detection. The main difference between the tiers is the number of cameras supported, the amount of video storage, and the discount offered on future purchases.

    Essential Security, available for $4.99/month billed annually, supports a single camera, provides a 7-day Look Back, and 5% off future purchases.

    Peace of Mind, available for $9.99/month billed annually, supports up to 4 cameras, provides a 14-day Look Back, and 10% off future purchases.

    Absolute Control, available for $19.99/month billed annually, supports up to 8 cameras, provides a 30-day Look Back, and 15% off future purchases.

    You also have the option to pay monthly as well, but it increases the fee with prices increasing to $7.49/month, $14.99/month, and $29.99/month for each respective tier.

  • e911 Emergency Call – In the event of an emergency, time is of the essence. The e911 Emergency Call feature on both cameras gives you the ability to dial 911 directly from the live view. The other brand that offers this feature for their cameras is Arlo, with the Arlo Smart Subscription.

  • Rich Notifications – Another time-saving feature that adds a lot of convenience is the ability to react to alerts directly from the lockscreen. This utility, known as Rich Notifications, allows you to see exactly what happens and respond without even unlocking your phone. This feature is currently only available on iOS.

  • Voice Control – Control either camera without even using the app with voice control support for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

  • Pre-Recorded Messages & Automated Greetings – One of the cooler features common to both models is the ability to re-record messages to play whenever motion is detected or use Automated Greetings. It’s an excellent way to greet guests walking up to your home, or to inform package thieves that they’re being recorded.

Maximus vs. Kuna Lights — Our Thoughts

Maximus FloodLight

Overall, when comparing Kuna vs. Maximus, it’s pretty clear that Maximus Floodlight is the superior choice. It offers better specs as a whole, outplaying the Kuna at almost every turn.

The Kuna Light does have some nice perks like the greater operating temperatures. For homeowners in extreme environments, that extra durability could make all the difference. With that said, we feel that the vast majority of buyers will be much happier with what the Maximus brings to the table.

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