ILIFE V7s Pro vs. V7s

Keeping your floors clean doesn’t have to be a struggle due to the continual improvement of smart vacuums and mops. While these nifty little robot cleaners used to be extremely expensive, the ILIFE V7s Pro and V7s offer a top-notch clean without breaking the bank. The Pro model has an advantage in terms of cleaning power, battery life, and convenience, but both models are viable entry-level robot cleaners that can give some Roomba models a run for their money.

One of the biggest advantages you’ll notice as we compare the ILIFE V7s Pro vs. V7s is the fact that this robot cleaner isn’t just a vacuum — it’s a mop as well! Not only are these ILIFE models significantly less expensive than competitors like Roomba, they also manage to offer a 2-in-1 clean that can pick up dirt and debris and finish the job with a thorough dry or wet mopping.

But can ILIFE really offer a competitive clean at such an affordable price? Read on below for a full breakdown of the similarities and differences between the V7s and V7s Pro, or use the navigation bar to jump directly to the sections that interest you most!

ILIFE V7s Pro vs. V7s — Things in Common

    • Remote Control – When it comes to getting your floors clean, most homeowners are looking for as much convenience as possible — both the ILIFE V7s Pro and V7s do that through their remote control. It’s possible to monitor and control the vacuums remotely from a distance of up to 15 feet.

      Some competing brands like Roomba use smartphone apps that allow you to control the robot from wherever you have an internet connection, but the ILIFE models are not equipped with the ability to connect to the internet. This means you’ll have to be physically close to your vacuum to adjust settings and start cleaning.

      It’s certainly a bit of a disadvantage, but the majority of people aren’t going to run into a ton of situations where you suddenly need to start a clean while they are away on vacation. While an app might be a little more convenient, the ILIFE remote control gets the job done just fine as an alternative.

    • CyclonePower 3-Stage Cleaning System – Just like competitor iRobot, ILIFE has developed its own unique vacuuming method. This is known as the CyclonePower 3-Stage cleaning system, and it has been optimized in order to provide unsurpassed cleaning quality. Keep in mind that there are two generations of CyclonePower and these two models feature the base version. For an even more impressive clean, consider looking into an updated model such as the ILIFE A6.

      The ILIFE vacuums take advantage of an advanced spinning side brush which efficiently sweeps dust and debris along the path of the vacuum cleaner into powerful suction. Working hand-in-hand with the side brush is the high-grade spiral brush system that is the primary method of cleaning, extracting stubborn dirt and debris from your floors and suctioning them into the large dust bin.

      Such powerful brushes and suction have the potential to kick up allergens into the air, and the ILIFE V7s Pro and V7s address that issue with the inclusion of Ultra Performance Filters that trap irritants, small debris, and even pet hair. These filters also play a large part in keeping the vacuum from getting clogged, meaning you’ll spend less time fussing with pulling out clumps of hair and more time enjoying your day while your ILIFE does all the work!

      Ultimately, the cleaning system on these two vacuums is quite efficient. While the traditional roller system has some disadvantages when compared to the brushless models from manufacturers like Roomba, you shouldn’t run into any issues when it comes to the actual cleaning power of the V7s and V7s Pro. Worst case scenario you have to deal with clogs from time to time, but it isn’t the end of the world and the filters do cut down on that problem a good deal.

    • 2-in-1 Cleaning – Perhaps one of the most unique advantages of both the V7s Pro and V7s is the fact that these robots offer 2-in-1 cleaning. Rather than having to buy a separate robot mop, you can get mopping and vacuuming all in one handy device. It’s great for saving money and space, and you won’t have to worry about tripping as much as you would with two little robots underfoot!
    • Dry & Wet Mopping – The ILIFE V7s and V7s Pro have a comprehensive vacuuming technology, but they also offer a great degree of flexibility when it comes to mopping as well. Despite being a 2-in-1 device, these robots still manage to offer both wet and dry mopping — coming equipped with a 77.5 square inch microfiber cloth that can clean mops efficiently using minimal water.

      For wet mopping, your ILIFE robot will use water from its tank in order to slowly mop floors after they have already been vacuumed. For dry mopping, it will make the same path just without using any water from the tank.

      We feel that the 2-in-1 nature of the ILIFE vacuum is one of its biggest selling points, and it manages to excel just as well at mopping as it does at vacuuming up dirt and debris.

    • Large Water and Dust Tanks – One of the coolest upgrades with the ILIFE V7s Pro and V7s over the earlier models like the V3 and V5 series is that the manufacturer managed to create the vacuum with bigger water and dirt tanks without making the robot vacuum any bigger. By making some adjustments to the physical design of the device, they managed to pack in a 0.5-liter water tank which is nearly twice as big as the V5s’ 0.3-liter capacity. The 0.45-liter dust bin is also quite impressive, and it’s actually big enough to accomodate an averaged sized room up to three times without being emptied.

      Buying an automated cleaner is all about convenience, and spending tons of time refilling water or emptying dustbins can make you wonder if passing floor duty to a robot is actually worth the extra investment. The bigger tanks on these two models means you’ll only have to check up on your vacuum every couple of days rather than after every single cleaning.

      If you’re looking for a cleaning experience that is even more hands off and are willing to pay extra for a whole host of premium features, check out the Roomba i7+.

  • 4 Cleaning Modes – Not all floors are created equal, and not all messes require the same type of attention. That’s why the ILIFE V7s Pro and V7s come equipped with 4 different cleaning modes: Auto clean, Spot clean, Edge clean, and Scheduling.

    Automatic mode’s name is a little misleading, but essentially it’s a setting that will prompt your vacuum to do a single clean starting right away. Edge mode is great for cleaning up around the baseboards or in hard-to-reach corners, and can easily be triggered to give the room that finishing touch for a completely comprehensive clean. If there’s a specific area that needs extra attention, that’s where Spot mode comes in — focusing your vacuum / mop combo on the grubbiest parts of the room. Last but not least, scheduling allows you to set a time each day that your ILIFE will start cleaning — automatically and with no further input required, as frequently as once per day.

    While the V7s Pro and V7s might not have a fancy companion app, these vacuums offer many of the same features that significantly more expensive models offer, all at a much.

  • All-Type Floors – While some of us might have homes with the same type of floor across all rooms, chances are that most of us are dealing with a combination of materials like carpet, tile, and hardwood. Fortunately, the ILIFE V7s Series has been designed in order to transition flawlessly across a wide variety of floors. In testing, the V7s Pro and V7s alike had little difficulty on any surface — including hardwood, tiled, ceramic, and carpeted floors.

    The real test of a robot vacuum’s ability to deal with floor types is whether it’s able to continue cleaning efficiently while moving between different materials, and these models are among some of the best in their ability to keep up a consistent clean no matter the flooring it moves through.

  • Anti-Fall System – Leaving the cleaning to a robot is an excellent way to kick back and relax while still keeping your floors free of dust and debris, but let’s face it — even “smart” robots aren’t always the most intelligent. When you leave a robot to its own devices to navigate your home, there’s always the risk that it could take a tumble down the stairs while tidying the second floor. Fortunately, the ILIFE V7s Pro vs. V7s address that issue with an Anti-Fall System.

    In normal operation, you shouldn’t have to worry about your vacuum falling down the stairs since sensors should be able to detect cliffs and navigate away from them. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the anti-fall system isn’t flawless. If the carpeting extends beyond the steps, it’s possible that the robot will consider it a continuation of the floor and proceed to throw itself down the stairs. Dusty sensors and reflective flooring can also pose a problem, so we recommend using some sort of boundary to keep your ILIFE safe if it’s working upstairs.

  • Recharge & Resume – Your V7s Pro and V7s are robotic vacuum cleaners designed to work with minimal human input. As such, they are intelligent enough to recognize when they are low on charge and head back to their station to top themselves up. What sets the ILIFE models apart from many other robots in the price range, however, is the recharge and resume feature that allows the vacuums to keep cleaning once they have enough power.

    However, unlike the iRobot Roomba system where the vacuum will resume its current cleaning immediately after reaching a full charge, the ILIFE V7s Pro and V7s will only start cleaning again on its next scheduled cleaning. This means that even if your cleaner was only halfway through vacuuming, it will refrain from continuing until it comes time to start over once again. You’ll have to manually start the clean if you’d like it to finish its current job on the same day.

    So, while these two vacuums certainly have a quasi-recharge and resume feature, it’s certainly not as fleshed out as that offered from its competitors.

  • Boundary Marking – Many of the more recent vacuum models have introduced the idea of boundary marking. The ways that different brands handle this aspect vary, but essentially it’s a way to block your vacuum off from accessing certain areas. iRobot has perfected this feature with their virtual wall barriers, but ILIFE was late to the party and only has the feature on their newest models — the ILIFE A6 and X5. This means that the V7s Pro and V7s have no ability to contain the robot’s movement. It’s a major disadvantage when compared to other smart cleaners on the market, and certainly makes the ILIFE brand feel a little bit dated.

Pet Friendly – It’s debatable as to whether the V7s Pro and V7s are appropriate for households with pets. They have an advantage over a lot of other vacuums in that they are quiet and much less likely to stress out a cat or dog, but they also have a disadvantage in that the cleaning mop can easily scratch floors when it picks up grit or debris. It’s safe to say that these vacuums do not play well with cat litter, and it’s possible that you may actually end up causing damage rather than effectively picking up dust and dirt.

ILIFE does have some other models that might be better suited to homeowners with pets. We recommend taking a look at the ILIFE A4s which has the same great suction power to deal with fur while ditching the mop.

ILIFE V7s Pro vs. V7s — Differences

ILIFE V7s Pro bottom

  • Difference #1: i-Dropping Technology – The first difference worth mentioning when comparing the ILIFE v7s vs. v7s Pro is the presence or absence of i-Dropping technology.

    The ILIFE V7s Pro, just like the V5s Pro, has a special technology that ensures efficient water use while wet mopping. The V7s Pro will sprinkle the floor only when it’s moving along its route, which means using less water and fewer trips to fill up the tank for you. When the robot stops mopping, it will automatically stop dispensing water in order to avoid stressing out the mechanical components and prevent floor damage. While the vacuum is mopping, two nozzles will continuously release water in order to dampen the mop cloth.

    The regular ILIFE V7s, unfortunately, does not support i-Dropping technology. In order to take advantage of that feature, you’ll need the either the V7s or the V5s. Wondering what the difference between those two is? Learn more in our article on ILIFE A4s vs. V5s Pro vs. V7s Pro.

  • Difference #2: Dirt Bin Detection – One issue that many users have reported with earlier ILIFE models is the fact that the vacuum can sometimes damage itself while vacuuming while the dirt bin is not in place. Whether you forgot to put it in or it’s just not in the right place, the V7s runs the risk of creating a whole host of issues if it starts its clean without a properly situated bin.

    ILIFE addressed this problem with the V7s Pro with the implementation of Smart Dustbin Detection. This technology will alert you if the dirt bin is not inserted or when it is inserted incorrectly, which should keep your cleaner from sucking debris into internal components which could potentially be hazardous.

    It’s a little bit frustrating that you’ll have to opt for a more premium model just to have the peace of mind that your vacuum won’t inadvertently damage itself. Unfortunately, it’s a fact of life and you’ll have to be more careful about dustbin placement if you opt for the V7s over the V7s Pro.

  • Difference #3: Battery Life – There is a notable difference in battery life when comparing the ILIFE V7S vs. ILIFE V7s Pro. The basic model will run for 110-120 minutes on a single charge, while the V7s Pro manages 120-130 minutes.

    As far as the smart vacuum industry as a whole goes, both models offer a pretty respectable run time. For an average sized home, you shouldn’t run into issues getting a few rooms clean on a single charge with even just V7s, but there’s no denying that the V7s Pro has an advantage. Since these models can’t continue their cleaning cycle where they left off, that extra 20 minutes can make all the difference when it comes to completely cleaning a room versus leaving some of the dust and debris for tomorrow.

  • Difference #4: Wheels – Lastly, the ILIFE V7s Pro has bigger wheels than the V7s. This could potentially make it easier for the Pro to climb thicker carpets — making it more convenient to transition between different floor types and providing for a more efficient clean in homes with especially dense carpeting.
ILIFE V7s Pro vacuuming & mopping robot
ILIFE V7s Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mop and Dry Clean Household Cleaning with Stronger Power for All Kinds of Floor Cleaning

ILIFE V7s Pro vs. V7s — Comparison Chart

Noise 60dB 52dB
Suction 400 – 600Pa 400Pa
Cleaning Area 150 – 200 sq.m. 80 – 150 sq.m
Run Time 120 – 150 mins. 120 – 150 mins.
Filter Dual HEPA Dual HEPA
Design 3.15-inches 3.15-inches
Anti-Fall System Yes Yes
Battery (Li-Ion battery) 2600 mAh 2600 mAh
Wet mopping Yes Yes
Sweeping Yes Yes
Vacuuming Yes Yes
Virtual Walls No No
4 Cleaning Modes Yes Yes
Mini Room Mode No No
Auto Clean Mode Yes Yes
Spot Clean Mode Yes Yes
Edge Clean Mode Yes Yes
Scheduling Mode Yes Yes
Dust Bin 0.5-Liter 0.5-Liter
Dirt Bin Detection Yes No
Water Tank Capacity 0.45-Liter 0.45-Liter
Side-Brushes 1 1
Recharge & Resume Yes Yes
Charge Time 300 min 300 min

ILIFE V7s Pro vs. V7s — Accessories

ILIFE V7S pro mop cloth

There aren’t too many accessories you’ll really need for the ILIFE V7s Pro or V7s. The main products worth mentioning are basically replacements for some of the components. While you’ll get a long life out of the stock parts, it’s reasonable to expect that your robot cleaner will need some maintenance from time to time while spending multiple hours a day cleaning.

For both models, we recommend looking into a Replacement Mop Cloth Kit to keep the microfiber cloth fresh and as effective as possible while cleaning your floors. As far as the rest of the components go, you can pick up a combo pack of a replacement main brush, side brush, and HEPA filters to keep you covered on all fronts.

ILIFE V7s Pro vs. V7s — Our Thoughts

ILIFE V7s Pro coverage

Ultimately, there aren’t too many differences between the two models. With that said, the differences that are there are pretty significant.

The biggest advantages that the ILIFE V7s Pro has over the base V7s are the i-Dropping technology and the Dirt Bin detection.

Saving water and reducing strain on the vacuum over time is always an excellent perk both for convenience and for preserving the integrity of your cleaner, so it’s easy to see why that updated tech gives a significant advantage. The Dirt Bin detection doesn’t add too many flashy features, but the fact that it can prevent damage to internal components is a huge perk when compared to the regular V7s.

Add to that the fact that the V7s Pro has a longer battery life and can easily navigate across thick carpeting and it becomes a no brainer: it’s clearly the superior choice.

ILIFE V7s Pro vacuuming & mopping robot
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While these ILIFE vacuums don’t offer quite the same high-tech features and convenience that a high-end Roomba might, they are significantly cheaper and we feel that the V7s Pro can stand toe-to-toe with the competition when it comes to getting your floors clean.

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