Roborock S5 vs. S50 vs. S55

These Roborock vacuums offer up to 4 different cleaning modes, the ability to connect with Alexa and Google Home, and have smart navigation technology.

And what about the differences between the models? Well, believe it or not, the main difference between the S5, S50, and S55 models is… the color. Tech-wise, they’re all the same (Yeah, we’re not kidding). You can choose from a clean white, a sleek black, or even a glamorous rose gold finish to accent your home. So your choice really comes down to what your preferred style is and what you feel would suit your home best.

Let’s take a look at some of the other useful features that these smart vacuums can bring to your floors.

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Roborock S5 vs. S50 vs. S55 — Things in Common

    • Round Shape – All 3 of the Roborock models have the signature round shape that we all know and love. In terms of measurements, they are all fairly uniform with their diameter of 13.78 inches, and height of 3.78 inches. Which does make them a little higher than other smart vacuums on the market.

      That may be a problem if you own furniture that is lower than 3.8 inches, as Roborock’s small raised turret at the top which houses the sensors, won’t be able to pass through.

    • 2-in-one Cleaning – The biggest feature of all 3 Roborocks, is that they can both sweep and mop your floors. Meaning that you don’t have to invest in two cleaning machines. Just by having a Roborock in your home, you can rest assured that your floors will be taken care of.

      These smart vacuums suit all types of floors, especially hardwood, as it uses minimal moisture during its cleaning, thus protecting it from any water damage. It cleans meticulously, using its water tank and a microfibre cloth to wipe the floors after vacuuming, leaving almost no traces of any stains or grime.

      They are also great for low-pile to high-pile carpets, which is great news for carpet owners. Paired with their motorized brush roll and high suction power, Roborock smart vacuums will be able to get deeper into the carpet, to pick up all the dirt, hair and dust.

    • Suction Power – All 3 Roborock smart vacuums have an impressive suction power of 2000Pa. While also having 4 cleaning modes, Quiet, Balanced, Max, and Turbo.

      As you can imagine in Quiet and Balanced mode, your robot will clean your home thoroughly yet quietly, while also saving on power and energy costs. Quite similar to the Neato Botvac series.

      While Turbo and Max mode is a much more aggressive form of cleaning, great for carpeted areas or locations that tend to collect a lot of dirt and grime.

    • Brush System – Brushes are quite important when it comes to your smart vacuum, and Roborock is no exception. All 3 Roborock smart vacuums have a primary brush and a secondary brush.

      The motorized primary brush is a little similar to Neato Botvac D7 Connected, as they both have a V-shaped bristle brush. Which are quite rough, and excellent for scrubbing carpets.

      While the secondary brush is simply put, its side brush. Which is responsible for going into the edges and corners, collecting all the dirt, dust and hair from there.

      It’s also worth to note that Roborocks’s primary brush is designed to be tangle-free, so you won’t have the trouble of it getting jammed up with dirt and hair, making this a good choice for a home with pets.

    • Dry & Wet Mopping – All 3 S5, S50, and S55 smart vacuums have the dry and wet mopping function, for whichever type of cleaning you wish to have. For the wet mopping, it comes together with a 140 ml water tank, which is also easily detachable, by pressing two buttons on either side.

      The robot also has a microfibre cleaning cloth, which is attached at the front of the vacuum, that can be easily removed.

      You can add whichever cleaning agents you like add fragrance and freshen up your floors.

    • Filtration – A good filtration system is crucial, especially if you suffer from allergies or have pets at home.

      All Robrock S5 series have an E11-grade filtration system. Which is a lower grade HEPA filter.

      While this may not be the best, especially when compared to Roomba’s advanced HEPA filter, yet it’s washable and therefore its maintenance is slightly lower. You can wash the filters weekly if you wish, and replace them after around a year worth of use.

    • Run Time – You’ll be happy to hear that all 3 models sport a run time of around 150 minutes. Which is significantly higher than the other brands on the market today. Longer run time means that a much larger amount of space can be covered, without the smart vacuum running out of battery.

      Keep in mind, that the run time also depends on the cleaning mode. So if you have your robot running on MAX or Turbo mode, its battery will run out much quicker, rather than on Balanced or Quiet mode.

    • Navigation – Roborock S5 models have been designed with both SLAM Technology and Laser Distance Sensor.

      SLAM Technology is what prevents your smart vacuum quite literally from slamming into certain objects and being able to maneuver around your home with ease. Which is then paired with Laser Distance Sensors that are effective for localization. It uses up to 13 different sensors that send invisible beams to the walls, which then return back to the robot. This allows the robot to map out and understand the layout of your home.

    • Zone Cleaning – Using the Zone clean function, allows you to set specific areas for your smart vacuum to clean. Fortunately, this feature is available to all 3 models.

      While the Target Clean option, will allow you to tap a specific spot on your smartphone via the app, and the robot will go over directly to that spot in order to clean it. This is especially useful if you’ve had a spill, and you can set your Roborock to sweep and mop that specific area.

      And if during cleaning you notice some areas that you’d prefer your smart robot not getting into, such as the spot where you keep pet food bowls, you can easily set virtual ‘No-Go’ via the app. Very similar to Neato’s ‘No-go’ lines function.

    • WiFi – All 3 S5 Models integrate seamlessly with both Alexa and Google Home. Which means you can take advantage of hands-free control by taking advantage of the voice command features.

      Also, you can connect through the Mi Home app via smart device and easily set up virtual ‘No-Go’ lines, check the cleaning history as well as utilizing the manual control function! Which basically allows you to control the Roborock’s movements via the app.

Roborock s55 vs Roborock s50 vs S5 — Differences

Roborock S5

  • Difference #1: Color – The real difference between all 3 models, is the color. Which allows you to choose your preferred aesthetic and how it will fit into your home. Roborock S5 offers the most choices, as you can choose from the 3 options available, Black, White, and Rose Gold. While Roborock S50 comes in white, and S55 comes in black.

    There is a small design difference between S5 vs. S55. As the S5 white-colored robot has a noticeable silver ring around it and also a more raised circular top.

Roborock S5 vs. S50 vs. S55 — Comparison Chart

Roborock S5 Roborock S50 Roborock S55
Zone Cleaning Yes Yes Yes
No-Go Zones Yes Yes Yes
Recharge & Resume Yes Yes Yes
Carpet Boost Yes Yes Yes
Dynamic Brush Yes Yes Yes
Sweeping Yes Yes Yes
Mopping Yes Yes Yes
Tangle Free Yes Yes Yes
Navigation Smart LDS
Smart LDS
Smart LDS
Size 13.8 x 13.7 x 3.8 in. 13.8 x 13.7 x 3.8 in. 13.8 x 13.7 x 3.8 in.
Weight 7 lbs. 7 lbs. 7 lbs.
Color Black/ White/
Rose Gold
White Black
Frequency 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz
Battery 5200mah 5200mAH 5200mAH
Suction Power 2000Pa 2000Pa 2000Pa
Mapping Apartment layout
& running route
Apartment layout
& running route
Apartment layout
& running route
WiFi Yes Yes Yes

Roborock S5 vs. S50 vs. S55 — Accessories

Roborock S5

When it comes to Roborock series accessories, the main one that sticks out, are the replacement parts.

Which is where the comes in.

This handy kit includes replacement brushes and filters that will come in very useful in the future.

Roborock S5 vs. S50 vs. S55 — Our Thoughts

Roborock S5

Roborock S5 series are a great addition to any home. With their sweeping and mopping functions, there is little you have to do when it comes to your floors.

Not only that, they come with some pretty great features too, such as navigation, zone cleaning and integration with Alexa and Google Home.

Not to mention their unique cleaning modes, allowing you to choose the way you wish to have your floors cleaned.

When it comes down to choosing one model, it really depends on your own preferences in terms of the color, as that’s the only difference between the 3 models.

The S55 all-black model would blend in well with most home furnishings and would accent any environment.

While S50 white tone, is a welcome splash of color, especially if you have darker floors.

Though it’s worth mentioning that Roborock S5 does have 3 colors to choose from, black, white and rose gold. So that may narrow the search down a little more.

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